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Workers Compensation
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Workers Compensation Insurance allows to protect business owners and provide benefits towards employees if and when an injury takes place in the work environment. In the state of California, it is legally required for a business to own workers compensation insurance. Owning Workers Compensation Insurance in Orange County protects your business from serious lawsuits and can save you hundreds and thousands of dollars. Penalties in California can include: up to $10,000 in fines, imprisonment for at least 1 year in a local county jail and major penalties up to $100,000 to uninsured employers.

How does Workers
Compensation Insurance
Protect Workers?​

  • Full Medical Benefits including: no time or monetary limit – full coverage on medical bills
  • Right to predesignate a personal physician and Free choice of their provider
  • Partial Replacements of missed wages due to work related injury
  • Death Benefits: payable to employee’s spouse or children
  • Burial Allowance is included

How Workers
Rates work?​

Unlike most types of insurances, workers compensation insurance is not a set annual premium. There are three main factors that determine your Workers Comp Insurance Rate: the type of job being performed, the employer’s gross payroll (which is applied to every $100 of your payroll), and previous work related injuries and illnesses.

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