Workers Compensation California is designed to give business owners the best possible workers comp quotes in
California and provide workers full coverage if and when an accident does occur at the job.

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Based in sunny Newport Beach, our insurance agency serves all corners of California, specializing in Workers Compensation Insurance licensed in 27 states. Powered by News Insurance Services Inc. and over 40 years of experience, we understand the unique needs of businesses statewide. In California, Workers’ Compensation Insurance isn’t just a choice, it’s mandatory. Without it, businesses face civil penalties and liabilities.
Don’t risk your company’s future – let us handle your Workers’ Comp needs, ensuring your employees are protected while you focus on your business. Our comprehensive coverage and expert guidance guarantee peace of mind, knowing you’re compliant with state regulations and safeguarding your workforce from unexpected accidents. Trust our seasoned professionals to navigate the complexities of insurance, so you can keep your employees safe and your business thriving. Contact us today for a tailored insurance solution.

Reduce your workers compensation premium

The basic premium for workers’ compensation is calculated by multiplying rates based on payroll classifications and the hours worked by those classes. We’re here to assist you in getting the optimal workers’ compensation premium.
Not only will we give you a quote for affordable workers’ compensation insurance, but we’ll also collaborate with you on techniques to lower your experience modifier. Your experience modifier, often referred to as an “e-mod,” plays a big role in adjusting your workers’ compensation premium. Get Better Quotes, contact us today at 833-817-7229.

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