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How Workers Compensation
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Workers Compensation Insurance is a type of insurance policy that covers two important types of people: the employees and employers. Workers Comp protects the workers by being provided benefits if and when the worker gets injured during work. Coverage for workers includes: full coverage on medical bills, covers partial wages due to injury from work, death benefits and more. This type of policy also covers employers from losing thousands of dollars and multiple lawsuits. In the state of California, a businessowner legally needs to be insured with Workers Comp Insurance for their business.

What happens if I
don’t have Workman’s
Comp Insurance?

If a company doesn’t own workers compensation insurance, then the business owner is going to face some serious penalties, which includes: fines that costs at a starting rate of $10,000, one year jail time in a local county prison, and/or penalties up to $100,000 towards business owners. By providing your business with Workers Comp, it not only benefits your workers but it also benefits the future of your business.

How Much
Does Workers
Compensation Cost?

The price for Your Workers Compensation can vary due to three main factors:
  1. Different Job Classification Code: Each type of service/job contains a different type of code, for example: A Contractor’s Workers Compensation Insurance would cost higher than a small business retail store. Your Worker’s Compensation Insurance depends on what type of service your business offers.
  2. Amount of employees your business have your employer’s payroll
  3. The company’s history with previous work related injuries and illnesses

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