Affordable Workman’s Comp Insurance in
Sacramento County​

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Affordable Workman’s Comp Insurance in
Sacramento County

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Workers Compensation Insurance specializes in protecting your workers from an injury that can be cause from the job. It is designed to provide your employees with medical coverage, recover partial wages and even death benefits. Although it protects workers from an accident, workers compensation also provides coverage for employers as well. Employers are provided protection with workers comp by fulfilling California state laws and avoiding lawsuits from employees. This protects and prevents business owners from entering a financial crisis.

Workers Comp
in Sacramento County:
What it Does and Doesn’t Cover

  • Medical Bills (surgeries, doctor visits, medicine)
  • Rehabilitation Treatments
  • Partial Wages Recovered
  • Death Benefits (including Funeral Costs)

What Workers Comp Doesn’t​

  • Self Inflicted Injuries
  • Workers Comp Does Not Cover injuries that wasn’t at the job during time of injury
  • If the Employee was exposed to drugs and alcohol
  • Employee replacement

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