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About Workers Compensation Insurance in San Diego County Workers Compensation insurance provides coverage and benefits towards your employees, employer and its business. By owning workers comp insurance for you business you fulfill state laws and protects your workers that have experienced a job related injury. By attaining workers comp you also avoid serious lawsuits and major financial losses that could potentially happen you don’t own a Workers Compensation Insurance.

The Penalties of Failing to
Own Workers Compensation
in San Diego County

Businesses and business owners receive major penalties in the state of California if the company doesn’t own Workers Compensation Insurance. Penalties can include:​

  • A misdemeanor; either a fine up to $10,000 or 1 year imprisonment or even both
  • Additional penalties up to $100,000 towards uninsured business owners
  • Your company is responsible to pay ALL medical costs
  • A worker has every right to sue you

Factors that Determine the Cost of Workers’ Compensation Insurance

  • The type of work performed – Job Classification Code
  • Employers Gross Payroll – Applied to every $100 of your payroll
  • Past Work Related Injuries and Illnesses

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