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The Reason
Why We Have
Workers Comp Today​

The significance of why we have workers comp today is to protect and care for every worker in any type of industry. To avoid severe and hazardous working conditions; workers comp was created to protect the people from illnesses and injuries from extreme and perilous workplace environments. Today as the business industry has grown, many workplaces has emphasized and established a safer work culture.

Santa Clara County
Workers Comp Insurance:
What is it?​

Workers Compensation plays a vital role in the workplace of your business. This allows employees to be protected during the hours of working especially if an accident or a mishap occurs. If a worker gets injured in the workplace, workers compensation provides the employee with major coverage such as:
  • Medical Treatment: surgeries, medications, hospital bills, etc.
  • Partial Replacement of Missed Wages
  • Death Benefits & more

How Can a Business
Owner Benefit from Workers Compensation Insurance?​

Workman’s Compensation Insurance doesn’t only protect workers but it also protects employers in many beneficial ways. Employers who own workers compensation avoid their workers filing lawsuits against them and fulfill California State Laws on workers comp. In California, every business owner must provide workers compensation to their workers and if an employer doesn’t provide workers compensation, penalties will be applied to them. Penalties may include:
    1. Fines at a Minimum Cost of $10,000
    2. A one year sentence in a county Jail
    3. Penalties up to $100,000 towards the employer

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