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The Purpose of Worker's
Compensation Insurance
in San Bernardino County​​

Workers compensation insurance’s sole purpose is to insure and provide coverage to workers/employees who suffered an illness or injury that is caused in the workplace. This type of policy provides key benefits to workers such as: coverage on missed wages due to injury, medical costs, death benefits and much more. Start protecting your workers and your business today with workers compensation insurance.

Who is required to
carry Workers
Compensation Insurance?​

Workman’s compensation insurance is a mandatory type of insurance that is required to be carried in order to avoid the penalties in the state of California. If a business does not own workers compensation insurance to their employees and gets injured while on the job, the worker has every right to file a lawsuit against the employer. Employers will also face a state penalty which includes: fines that cost at a minimum of $10,000, a year in prison, and/or penalties up to $100,000 to employers.

The Average Cost of Workers’
Compensation Insurance in
San Bernardino County, CA​

The cost of workers’ compensation can vary in multiple ways due to these factors:

  • Type of Job Classification Code
  • The Payroll of the Business Owner
  • The Amount of Employees
  • Previous Injuries and Illnesses

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