Workers Compensation Insurance in
San Francisco​ County

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Avoid the Risk of a Financial Crisis and Insure Your Business with Workers Compensation Insurance in the County of San Francisco​

Why Do You
Need to Get Workers Compensation Insurance?​

In San Francisco County, California, there are certain penalties that many business owners will face if they don’t provide Worker Compensation Insurance for their workers. Penalties will include:
1. Fines at a Minimum Cost of $10,000
    2. A Year of Imprisonment in Local County Jail
    3. Both: Fines at a starting cost of $10,000 and a year of imprisonment
    4. Penalties to Business owners at a maximum of $100,000
    5. Employees also have every right to sue you for not having Workers Comp Insurance

How Does Workers
Compensation Work in
San Francisco County?​

Workers Compensation protects employers and employees simultaneously. If an accident occurs at the workplace and an employee has been struck by an injury, workers compensation provides benefits to the employee. Benefits can include: Paid medical bills, death benefits, recovery treatments, and missed wages coverage. By insuring your employees with workers compensation insurance, as an employer, your workers can’t file a lawsuit against you and also fulfill state regulations about workers compensation insurance in the state of California.

How Much is Workers Compensation Insurance
in San Francisco?​

Workers Compensation costs can vary due to different job/career types. Factors that will affect your workers compensation premiums are:
  • Job Classification Code
  • Number of Employees
  • Number of Previous claims
  • Your Employer’s Payroll

Top Employer
Workers Comp
Insurance Coverage:​

Avoid California State Penalties:
  • Fines at a starting cost of $10,000 and /or 1 year at a county jail
  • Penalties at most of $100,000 to Business Owners
  • Evade Employee Lawsuits
  • Avoid the Risk of Entering a Financial Crisis

Workers Compensation in the City of San Francisco​

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